Occupy Chase Bank Branch to Save Haddow Home

At 9:00am on October 2, 2012, Foreclosure and Eviction Fighters and supporters from the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), Occupy Bernal, and Occupy Noe showed up at the JP Morgan Chase bank branch at Mission Street and 21st Street in San Francisco prepared to protest and occupy the branch. Happily, Chase had postponed Foreclosure and Eviction Fighter Ian Haddow’s foreclosure auction scheduled for later that day at City Hall due to his filing of a loan modification application and our calls and emails supporting him in obtaining a fair deal loan modification from Chase. Instead of entering the bank branch to protest, we went in to thank Chase for postponing the auction and to ask for the loan modification for Ian and several other Foreclosure and Eviction Fighters who have similar cases with Chase. We didn’t have to go to City Hall later in the day to protest the foreclosure auction. Thanks to everyone who organized the action and called and emailed Chase on Ian’s behalf… we’ll probably still need more of those to obtain a loan modification for Ian.

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