Foreclosure/Eviction Fighter Intake

Foreclosure/Eviction Fighters are our neighbors (owners and renters) who the banks are trying to evict from their homes, foreclose on their homes, and/or sell their homes at foreclosure auctions due to predatory or for-profit mortgage loans.

Are you a home owner who the banks are preparing to evict from or foreclosure on your home? Or are you a renter the banks are evicting from your home or foreclosing on the owner of the property you are renting? Either way, we can help!

If you have already signed up as a Foreclosure/Eviction Fighter and you want to work actively with Occupy the Auctions / Evictions, you can take the next step by filling out the Foreclosure/Eviction Fighter Intake form below. Please provide as much information as you can about your situation, so that we can best assist you.

Links: Foreclosure/Eviction Fighter Intake (long form below)    Sign Up as a Foreclosure/Eviction Fighter (short form)    Active Foreclosure/Eviction Fighters

Foreclosure/Eviction Fighter Intake

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