Home Defenders help those facing bank evictions, foreclosures, and foreclosure auctions. Assistance could include responding to action alerts by phone or email, researching which home owners and renters need help, and standing in solidarity to prevent a home eviction or to protest a foreclosure auction.

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San Francisco Capacity

Home Defenders have already signed up on this website to prevent evictions and protest foreclosure auctions (with the following targets and actual numbers signed up, red means more Home Defenders needed to meet target):

Category Signed Up Target
Evictions [cfdb-value form=”Home Defender” function=”count” show=”eviction-protests” filter=”eviction-protests=yes”] 25
Auctions [cfdb-value form=”Home Defender” function=”count” show=”auction-protests” filter=”auction-protests=yes”] 50

San Francisco Home Defenders have committed to protest evictions regularly on Wednesdays and foreclosure auctions regularly on specific weekdays from 1:45-3:00pm (red means more Home Defenders needed to meet target):

Mon Tue Wed Wed all day Thu Fri Eves/Weekends Anytime
Signed Up [cfdb-value form=”Home Defender” function=”count” show=”every-monday” filter=”every-monday=* selected”] [cfdb-value form=”Home Defender” function=”count” show=”every-tuesday” filter=”every-tuesday=* selected”] [cfdb-value form=”Home Defender” function=”count” show=”every-wednesday” filter=”every-wednesday=* selected”] [cfdb-value form=”Home Defender” function=”count” show=”every-wednesday-all-day” filter=”every-wednesday-all-day=* selected”] [cfdb-value form=”Home Defender” function=”count” show=”every-thursday” filter=”every-thursday=* selected”] [cfdb-value function=”count” form=”Home Defender” show=”every-friday” filter=”every-friday=* selected”] [cfdb-value form=”Home Defender” function=”count” show=”every-eve-weekend” filter=”every-eve-weekend=* selected”] [cfdb-value form=”Home Defender” function=”count” show=”every-any-time” filter=”every-any-time=* selected”]
Target 10 10 10 25 10 10 10 10

Volunteer in San Francisco

Please fill out this form to sign up as a Home Defender for San Francisco.

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