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Sign up for the Occupy the Auctions / Evictions campaign here in San Francisco:

Foreclosure Fighters

Foreclosure Fighters are our neighbors (owners and renters) who the banks are trying to evict from their homes, foreclose on their homes, and/or sell their homes at foreclosure auctions due to predatory or for-profit mortgage loans.

Links: Get Help Fighting for Your Home

Home Defenders

Home Defenders are organizers who have committed to assisting Foreclosure Fighters remain in their homes, including regular auction protests and eviction prevention.

Links: Volunteer as a Home Defender

Announcements List

To join a low-traffic moderated email list of announcements from Occupy the Auctions / Evictions, go to, enter your email address, and click the “submit” button, then reply to any confirmation emails you receive. Or, send an email to, then reply to any confirmation emails you receive.

4 thoughts on “Sign Up

  1. I am representing the Older Women’s League of San Francisco and the Board has authorized me to sign us up as “official sponsors” of Occupy the Auctions. I will be the contact person for that and am already on the email list. Let me know if there is something else that OWL-SF should do.

  2. Thanks for all you do.
    Banks are not the only aggressors.
    Developers are targeting small property owners all over the city .
    These owners are being gang/cyber stalked in the hope that they will sell their houses and leave the development of the property to the developers for less. In some cases property owners are served with notices of violation from DBI with no inspections. –there are lots of variations on dirty tricks like this.

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