Foreclosure/Eviction Fighters are our neighbors (owners and renters) who the banks are trying to evict from their homes, foreclose on their homes, and/or sell their homes at foreclosure auctions due to predatory or for-profit mortgage loans.

Are you a home owner who the banks are preparing to evict from or foreclosure on your home? Or are you a renter the banks are evicting from your home or foreclosing on the owner of the property you are renting? Either way, we can help!

Sign up as a Foreclosure/Eviction Fighter on the short form below. Please provide as much information as you can about your situation, so that we can best assist you.

Links: Sign Up as a Foreclosure/Eviction Fighter (short form)    Foreclosure/Eviction Fighter Intake (long form)    Active Foreclosure/Eviction Fighters

Sign Up as a Foreclosure/Eviction Fighter

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