Occupy Fortress Investment Group for the Nationstar 8 (Occupy Anniversary Action)

Foreclosure and Eviction Fighters (FEFs) and supporters from Occupy Bernal, Occupy Noe, Occupy Direct Action Workgroup, and ACCE occupied One Market Plaza in San Francisco where the offices of the Fortress Investment Group (FIG) are located. The protestors demanded that Fortress Investment Group stop evictions and foreclosures of FEFs in San Francisco and beyond. Fortress Investment Group owns 77% of Nationstar Mortgage Holdings, the corporate entity actually engaging in the foreclosure activity. FIG Co-Chair Peter Briger has called for a strategy of financial “garbage collection”, so protestors dressed up in garbage bag and chanted: “Fortress: We’re Not Garbage, Nationstar: Stop the Evictions!”, “Nationstar, You’ve Gone to Far; Stop the Evictions!”, and “Share the bailouts to save our homes and schools!”

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