City Hall Tells Foreclosure Auctioneers No More Auctions on City Hall Steps

The Occupy the Auction Dance Party at San Francisco City Hall steps went fabulously well at first today, April 27, 2012, with two auctioneers leaving once they realized protestors would react loudly whenever they tried to sell off another home for the banks.

We organized to follow up on the Foreclosure Moratorium Resolution passed unanimously by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and on the Mayor’s request for the banks to “pause” on foreclosures until the California legislature passes the State Homeowner Bill of Rights.

We danced and made lots of noise and had fun stopping some auctions.

However, one crafty auctioneer named Terry Redmon pretended to drive off, then returned later to auction off one property on Moraga to investors for $700K+ with another property sold to the bank. She falsely told Sheriff’s deputies that protestors were assaulting her, so the deputies prevented protestors from participating in the “public” auction.

One surprise came when City Hall Building Manager Robert Reiter told auctioneer Terry Redmon that she and other foreclosure auctioneers are no longer welcome on City Hall steps. They have to take their business elsewhere. See her reaction in the last picture posted below.

Thanks to all the amazing folks from Occupy SF Housing, ACCE, SF Tenant’s Union, Occupy Bernal, Occupy SF and other groups who helped plan the action and showed up today… we sent another message the banks will hear loud and clear!

Thanks also to Peter Menchini for the great video of the Occupy the Auctions Dance Party action below:

Link: Coverage from KCBS Radio

Thanks to Becca Gourevich of the San Francisco Tenant’s Union for snapping a lot of the photos below:

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