A22 San Francisco City Hall Action to Protect Tenants From Eviction

Text invitation from the Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco–

We’re going to stop condo conversions for the next decade or more, permanently ban condo conversions on all 5+ units buildings and we’ve removed the threat to rent control in the Wiener-Farrell legislation!

We’re almost there—- there has be one more hearing because of our amendments and we really need people at this one. Join us Monday, April 22, at 12 noon for a rally prior to the final Land Use Committee hearing. The rally will be on the steps of City Hall (Civic Center side) and the hearing will be in Room 263 of City Hall.

The Wiener-Farrell legislation to convert apartments into condos was turned from one of biggest threats to tenants into legislation which will save thousands of apartments from conversions and thousands of tenants from evictions. Under amendments crafted by Supervisors Chiu, Kim, and Yee, all condo conversions will be stopped for at least the next decade and, if and when they resume, conversions will no longer be allowed for 5+ unit buildings. In addition, future conversions will need a higher level of owner-occupancy, which will prevent condo conversions from being used solely for rent control repeal.

These gains were significant enough to allow Existing TICs an expedited condo conversion process over the next several years, but amendments were made here as well. The lifetime leases were made enforceable and other loopholes were plugged up.


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