Another Day at the Auctions

We got word that Wells Fargo had postponed the auction of Ted Harvey’s home until May 30, which is good news since they are dual tracking him by accepting trial loan modification payments at the same time as listing his home for auction. Now, we have a month more to help Ted get the bank to give him a fair deal, rather than the outrageous ARM loan they muscled him into accepting to remain in his home.

City Hall Building Manager Robert Reiter attended the auction today, along with his boss City Hall Real Estate Director John Updike and they both agreed that the foreclosure auctioneers and protestors should stay off City Hall steps. So, the only auction activity today took place on the sidewalk in front of City Hall. Protestors agreed not to protest the auctioneers announcements of postponements and cancellations, as well as one auction where the prior owner of an empty lot was present and didn’t object to the auction. Some other auctions probably didn’t happen due to the whistle-blowing (literally) of the protestors.

Protestors also raised questions with the police and City Hall officials about what business registration, permits, and licenses the city requires for foreclosure auction activities and everyone involved is investigating further.

According to statements of the auctioneers, the three auction companies with auctioneers usually present at City Hall are:

  • Lender Processing Services (auctioneer Terry Redmon, for which SF Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector has no DBA business registration)
  • Cal Agent Services (auctioneer Andrew Zheng, haven’t checked for DBA registration yet)
  • FEI Services (auctioneer Darius, haven’t checked for DBA registration yet)

Thanks to Becca Gourevich for snapping many of the photos below.

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