Auction Investor Pledge to Stop Bidding at Foreclosure Auctions

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I pledge to no longer bid at any residential foreclosure auctions or invest in foreclosed residential property until passage of a Homeowner Bill of Rights that implements:

  • Basic standards of fairness in the mortgage process, including an end to dual tracking foreclosures
  • Transparency in the mortgage process, including a single point of contact for homeowners
  • Community tools to prevent blight after banks foreclose upon homes
  • Tenant protections after foreclosures
  • Enhanced law enforcement to defend homeowner rights – paid for by fees imposed on banks
  • A special grand jury to investigate financial and foreclosure crime

as well as instituting a mortgage principal reduction or deferral program to keep our neighbors in their homes.

I join the California State Attorney General, the entire San Francisco Board of Supervisors, and the Mayor of San Francisco in urging mortgage loan originators and servicers to stop predatory foreclosures and related auctions and evictions immediately.
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