June 21 at the Auctions: Solidarity With the Cruz Family, Celebrating Auction Postponements for Archbishop King and Sheila Walsh

On June 21, 2012, we celebrated the postponement of the sale of Archbishop Franzo King’s home and Sheila Walsh’s home and continued with our mission of protesting all of the banks’ residential foreclosure auctions in San Francisco.

On June 21, 2012, the auctioneers went ahead with the sale of one family’s homes in San Francisco (41 Federal St #22 went to investor Thomas Redmond and none went to the bank) despite blowing whistles, playing loud music, and yelling in protest.

In solidarity with the thrice-evicted Cruz family in Minneapolis, some of us went over to the PNC Bank office at 575 Market St, 28th floor, to demand that PNC reverse the eviction, especially since the bank itself admits it made an error. A few of us made it into the office and tried to get the office manager to fax our demand to reverse the auction and eviction of the Cruz’s home to PNC’s CEO. The administrative assistant who greeted us told us that the office manager was out of the office and that she didn’t have the authority to send a fax to the CEO’s office. We trust that PNC got the message loud and clear in any case and we’re prepared to return as necessary if they didn’t. San Francisco wishes the best of luck to the Cruz family in securing their home.

Thanks to everyone who helped out (including Peter Menchini who provided the final four photos below)!

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