San Francisco Activists Demand PNC Bank Keep Wong Family in Their Home

Around 50 San Francisco activists from ACCE, Occupy Bernal, Occupy Noe, and other groups gathered at the PNC Bank branch office at 575 Market Street in San Francisco to demand that PNC negotiate with Yin Wong to keep her and her family in their home.

The protest started with discussions and lively speeches on the Market Street sidewalk, including Yin Wong telling her story. Then, protestors crossed the bridge over the “moat” on the way into the skyscraper where PNC’s office is located. The security guards scurried to lock several doors as we approached, but Yin and some other protestors made it inside the building.

PNC staff refused to let them ascend into their office on the 28th floor of the building, but said they would come downstairs to discuss the situation. At long last, Yin Wong was able to deliver a letter to PNC staff to fax to PNC CEO James Rohr in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The bad news is that we heard PNC plans to evict Yin Wong as soon as this coming Wednesday. However, we are hopeful that we can find ways to delay the eviction to give time for PNC Bank to come to the table and negotiate for the Wong family to remain in their home.

Media Coverage: Bay Guardian Article


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