PNC Bank Protest — Stop Eviction and Help Yin Wong Keep Her Family Home

PNC Bank plans to evict Foreclosure and Eviction Fighter Yin Wong and her family from their home in Bayview. We have to stop them!

Please take action with these steps to save their home:

NOTE: PNC Bank has been blacklisting email addresses, so if you can send your email from another email address please do so.

1) Call and email these PNC staff with the message below:

  • PNC CEO James E. Rohr right now at 412-762-2294 (may transfer to Executive Complaint Office voicemail) or 412-963-6133 (home)
  • PNC Bank President William Demchak at 917-348-1173 (cell)
  • PNC Senior Vice President Thomas Hyland at 212-527-3938
  • PNC Bank Vice President of Corporate Communications Fred Solomon at 412-762-7544

Subject: Stop Eviction and Sell Yin Wong (#0002043106) Her Family Home

Dear PNC,

Please postpone the seventh eviction attempt you’ve scheduled for March 6, and sell San Francisco resident Yin Wong and her daughter Wai Cheung (PNC mortgage customer loan #0002043106) their family home in Bayview. After PNC purchased their mortgage loan from National City Mortgage, they received no notification of the purchase so their EFT payment didn’t make it to PNC, which rapidly foreclosed on their home and has tried six times to evict them. They have always paid and been prepared to pay their mortgage, so please negotiate with them and settle this matter fairly.


your name here

2) Sign the Petition.

3) Stay tuned for 6:00am Wednesday home eviction defense at Yin Wong’s home, which may last all day. Those who wish to commit civil disobedience (i.e. take an arrest) may have the opportunity to do so, although anyone who doesn’t want to risk arrest may of course also participate.


PNC Bank is stealing the home of Yin Wong, disabled senior by ILLEGALLY foreclosing on her and her family after National City Mortgage sold the loan on her home to PNC Bank. The first she heard of PNC’s purchase of the loan was a foreclosure notice in the mail. Even though Yin Wong has the money to pay the loan and has tried to get PNC Bank to accept it, PNC has refused and has pushed eviction proceedings forward even after four prior court appearances during which the Superior Court judge urged PNC to correct the problem. Yin Wong has tried over and over to work with PNC, but PNC has refused to work with her.

PNC Bank did the exact same thing with the Cruz family in Minneapolis… thousands of people have protested their eviction, organizing to re-occupy their home with dozens of arrests.

Let’s stand together to fight back and let banks know that we won’t let them foreclosure on families illegally.


To get involved or for more information, call Grace at ACCE at +1-415-377-6872 or email

Links: Protest at PNC on March 15, 2013    Protest at PNC on August 27, 2012    Protest at PNC on July 26, 2012    OLD PNC Action flyer in English    OLD PNC Action Flyer in Chinese

For updates and this action alert:

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