Occupy the Auctions / Evictions Call to Action

Occupy organizers and allies demand an immediate bank moratorium on all predatory or for-profit evictions or foreclosures of the 99% in San Francisco.

On behalf of any neighbors who are home owners or renters seeking to remain in their homes, Occupy organizers and allies agree to Occupy the Auctions and to halt any San Francisco foreclosure auction of the 99% involving a predatory or for-profit property foreclosure of one of these neighbors’ owner-occupied or rental homes. These measures include:

  • Pressure (email, call, and visit) banks, investors, and others of the 1% prior to foreclosure auctions.
  • Attend, disrupt, and halt foreclosure auctions.
  • Urge the City and County of San Francisco to repeal any funding or authorizations for predatory or for-profit foreclosure auctions on city property or anywhere in the city.
  • Urge the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, the Sheriff of San Francisco, and the Mayor of San Francisco to announce a halt to all support for predatory or for-profit foreclosure auctions, foreclosures, and evictions.

Occupy organizers and allies agree to mutual aid with and for other municipalities or counties where people organize Occupy the Auctions actions.

[Note: Occupy SF Housing and Occupy SFSU adopted this call to action before the text about halting auctions “On behalf of any neighbors who are home owners or renters seeking to remain in their homes” was added to the call.]


As part of the Occupy Wall St West actions on January 20, 2012, Occupy Bernal called for a protest at San Francisco City Hall steps to stop a foreclosure auction of the home of renters Maria and Washington Davila. Even before 150+ protestors arrived at the auction site, Wells Fargo had postponed that specific auction and protestors prevented any other foreclosure auctions that day in San Francisco.

Wells Fargo is only one of the many banks involved in predatory evictions and foreclosures in San Francisco. And Wells Fargo agreed only to postpone that auction and a later auction of the Del Rio family home in Bernal.

All over the world, people are organizing to prevent the banks and the 1% from evicting and foreclosing the 99% (home owners and renters) from their homes, from the indignados movement in Spain to the 26+ arrested on January 26, 2012, in Brooklyn.

If the banks and the 1% have their way, they will nickel and dime organizers and only delay evictions and foreclosures of the 99% without making substantive agreements to make loans affordable and keep our neighbors in their homes. Meanwhile, hundreds or thousands of renters and home owners may lose their homes. We need to act quickly and effectively to keep our neighbors in their homes.

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