Foreclosure and Eviction Fighter Profile: Yin Wong

Yin Wong is a senior on disability and a Bayview resident.

The original lender of her loan sold the loan to PNC. She made payments to the original lender through electronic deductions. PNC and the original lender neglected to inform her of the transaction to sell her loan. She fell into default and PNC’s first correspondence with her was with a foreclosure notice.

PNC has attempted to evict Ms. Wong five times in the last two years. Each time, the case was dismissed as PNC neglected to send a representative.

On Jul7 26, 2012, supporters of Yin Wong protested at the San Francisco office of PNC Bank to demand a halt to the eviction and a fair deal loan modification. They succeeded in pressuring PNC Bank to postpone the eviction, but so far PNC hasn’t made Yin Wong a fair offer.

EDC, MEDA, ACCE, and the office of Nancy Pelosi are all working on this case.

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