Foreclosure and Eviction Fighter Profile: David Lewis

David Lewis lives near Kezar Stadium in San Francisco with his wife and two children. The family pursued a loan modification from Wells Fargo when payments became difficult due to an injury David’s wife sustained working as a flight attendant, which reduced the family’s income by 40 percent. Wells Fargo denied the loan modification due to the reduction in income, then encourage the Lewis family to apply for another loan modification. However, they dual tracked the Lewis’ and sold their home at a foreclosure auction during the loan modification negotiations, a practice that will be illegal starting January 1, 2013, due to the California Homeowner Bill of Rights. David and his family want to remain in their home, so they are demanding that Wells Fargo rescind the sale of their home and offer them a fair deal loan modification based on current family income.

Video of David Lewis speaking at December 6, 2012, Occupy Our Homes Wells Fargo Bayview branch action:

Foreclosure and Eviction Fighter Profile: Ross Rhodes

Ross Rhodes lives in the house he grew up in and is a lifelong resident of Bernal Heights. He heard about Occupy Bernal on a Monday, started working with Ed Donaldson with San Francisco Housing Development Corporation (SFHDC) on Wednesday, and by Thursday he was an active member of Occupy Bernal. He is an Occupy Bernal success story because he obtained a fair deal loan modification from Wells Fargo! Even after his success, he has continued to organize the struggle for fair deal loan modifications for Foreclosure and Eviction Fighters with Wells Fargo and other lenders.

Video of Ross Rhodes speaking at December 6, 2012, Occupy Our Homes Wells Fargo Bayview bank branch action:

Foreclosure and Eviction Fighter Profile: Bernetta Adolph

Bernetta Adolph is a 66-year-old cancer survivor who recently recovered from two eye operations that brought her back from blindness. She had a mortgage with Wells Fargo, then got scammed by a guy who’s now in jail. She had hoped for a lower mortgage payment on her fixed annuity and Social Security. Instead, Wells Fargo refused her a loan modification after the scammer left her high and dry. Then, Wells sold her home at a foreclosure auction. Bernetta want to stay in her home, for which she can afford to pay an affordable loan modification once Wells Fargo rescinds the sale of her home and offers her a fair deal.

Video of Bernetta Adolph speaking at December 6, 2012, Occupy Our Homes at Wells Fargo Bayview bank branch:

Foreclosure and Eviction Fighter Profile: Sheila Walsh

Sheila Walsh is an 87-year-old neighbor in the Bayview. She has lived in her home for 28 years.

She has a mortgage with Wells Fargo.

It seems that Sheila is a victim of financial fraud – she took out a home equiity line of credit and through an apparently fraudulent transaction was charged $217,000 to her home equity loan. Her mortgage payment used to be $1,500, but it went up after the fraudulent charge and is about $2,000 per month – much more than she can afford.

She wants to stay in her home, but needs time to have the fraudulent charge investigated. Once it is investigated, she will be able to square away her financial situation.

Wells Fargo originally scheduled her home for auction on May 21, 2012. It was postponed to June 6, 2012, and is currently set for June 21, 2012.

Foreclosure and Eviction Fighter Profile: Alfred Richardson

Alfred Richardson is a 75-year-old disabled senior, Korean War veteran, and a resident of San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood.

His loan servicer Bank of America auctioned off his home on September 11, 2012. Fannie Mae, the loan owner, is threatening to evict him.

Foreclosure and Eviction Fighter Profile: Delmy and Jenny Ramos

Delmy and Jenny Ramos are residents of Ocean View.

They have an ARM loan from Citibank. They purchased their home in 2006. They missed three payments and then caught up. They had fallen behind because of other bills they needed to cover.

They applied for a loan modification, but Citibank denied the modification because of the amount owed. Citibank plans to auction off their home on June 14, 2012.


  1. Loan modification.

Foreclosure and Eviction Fighter Profile: Merrie Jo and Edzel Musni

Merrie Jo and Edzel Musni and their family are residents of Glen Park. They have a loan with Bank of America.

Merrie Jo, a labor & delivery nurse who’s assisted in more than 5,000 deliveries, has had medical injuries and surgeries which have led to a decrease in income. The Musnis need a reasonable modification, and have complied with steps the bank has demanded, depleting their savings, all the while getting the run around from the bank for 4 years, each time talking with a different person and starting all over. Merrie Jo Musni says, “What we have paid in the trial period is impossible to continue and is basically a slower death.” Meanwhile, BofA CEO Moynihan made $10,000,000 in 2010 alone.

Bank of America plans to auction off their home on July 24, 2012.


  1. Loan modification with principal reduction