ALERT: Demand PennyMac Stop Eviction of Alice Smith

Update as of October 2: PennyMac is in negotiations with Alice Smith and has postponed the eviction of her and her five foster children for two weeks until October 17, so please hold off on any further calls and emails for now.

Alice Smith is an incredible asset to our community. As a consistent caregiver for five special needs children, she has created a supportive and welcoming home.

Now she faces eviction by Citigroup and PennyMac, with an eviction scheduled for Wednesday, October 3 (postponed).

Due to foster care funding cuts, retirement from a job outside the home, and a Vietnam veteran husband who cut off all contact and refused support due to PTSD, Alice’s income declined for awhile and she wasn’t able to make all her mortgage payments. However, she hung in there and provided consistent care for her foster children even during a period of financial trials and tribulations.

Since that time, her income has recovered so that she can afford a fair deal loan modification.

Let’s help her get PennyMac to rescind eviction proceedings so Alice can obtain that fair deal loan modification from CitiMortgage and make payments to remain in her home with her five foster children.

Please take action to help Alice Smith and her five foster children stay in their home–

1) Call and email PennyMac with the following message:

* Stanford Kurland, Chairman and CEO, +1 818-224-7442 (then type 1 for directory, then first three letters of last name, i.e. 587, then 1 to confirm)
* David Spector, Chief Investment Officer, +1 818-224-7442 (then type 1 for directory, then first three letters of last name, i.e. 773, then 1 to confirm)
* Christopher Oltmann, Director of Investor Relations, +1 818-746-2046 (leave voicemail) or +1 818-224-7028

Sample Email:
Subject: Stop the Eviction of Alice Smith and Her Five Foster Children

Please stop the eviction of Alice Smith of 15 Le Conte Circle in San Francisco scheduled for Wednesday, October 3. She is a senior and an incredible asset to our community as a foster caregiver for five special needs foster children. Although she got behind on mortgage payments to CitiMortgage (loan #1000031156) when reductions in foster care reimbursements and other circumstances lowered her income, her income has recovered and she can afford to make payments on a fair mortgage loan. Please do the right thing and work with her to 1) stop Alice Smith’s eviction and 2) offer her (or make it possible for Citibank offer her) a fair, affordable loan modification.


[your name]

(Note: Faces of the children cannot be shown because they are wards of the state.)

For updates and this action alert:

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