ALERT: Demand Chase Stop Auction of Haddow Home

Update as of October 2: We got Chase to postpone Ian Haddow’s foreclosure auction until November 2, 2012, so please hold off on calls and emails for now. Thanks to everyone who showed up at this morning’s protest at the Chase branch in the Mission neighborhood.

JP Morgan Chase is planning to sell Ian Haddow’s home at a foreclosure auction on October 2, 2012. (postponed)

Please take action to help Ian Haddow:

1) 9:00am on Tuesday, October 2, come protest at the Chase bank branch at 2500 Mission St at 21st Street, San Francisco.

2) 1:45pm on Tuesday, October 2, come protest at the foreclosure auction at City Hall, 400 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco (auction may start promptly at 2pm).

Call and email Chase with the following message:

* Jamie Dimon, CEO, +1 212-270-1111

* Peter Barker, California Chair, +1 888-342-6441

Sample email:

Subject: Stop Auction of Haddow Home (Loan #3014236040)

Please postpone the foreclosure auction of offer Ian Haddow of 536 Laidley Street in San Francisco (loan #3014236040) and offer him a fair deal loan modification. Ian Haddow has been trying to recover $55,000 owed to him by troublesome tenants and, since that has been difficult, has sought additional sources of income to quality for a loan modification. Please work out a fair deal with him so he can make payments and stay in his home.


[your name]

For updates and this action alert:

Links: Media Coverage

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