ALERT: Wells Fargo – Stop the Eviction of Bernetta Adolph!

acce.foreclosure.bernetta-adolphPlease take action:

  1. Contact Wells Fargo staff with the following phone and email message:

    • Brenda Wright, Senior VP of Community Relations, +1 415-623-7738
    • Alfredo Pedroza, Director of California Local Government Relations, +1 415-396-0829
    • Ruben Pulido, Communications Staff, +1 415-852-1279
    • John Stumpf, CEO, +1 866-878-5865

    Sample message:
    Subject: Stop the Eviction of Bernetta Adolph!

    Dear Wells Fargo staff,

    Please stop the eviction of Bernetta Adolph at 48 Lobos Street in San Francisco, loan # 44793073 and rescind the foreclosure sale to offer Bernetta a fair deal loan modification so she can remain in her home. Bernetta is a disabled senior and retired San Francisco city employee who was a victim of loan modification scammers. She made several attempts to negotiate a loan modification with Wells Fargo prior to Wells’ auction of her home.


    Your name here

  2. Protest on Saturday afternoon, February 23, at a Wells Fargo branch: success! see

  3. Mark your calendar: Protest on Wednesday, February 27, at a Wells Fargo branch, as part of a nationwide day of action (more details TBA soon)

  4. Mark your calendar: Protest on Saturday, March 2, at the home of Wells Fargo Senior Vice President of Community Relations Brenda Wright (Update: postponed because Wells Fargo considering stopping eviction and rescinding sale of Bernetta Adolph’s home)

    Together we can stop predatory banks and help our neighbors!


Bernetta has made several attempts to work with Wells Fargo. After her initial loan modification continued to be unaffordable, Bernetta became the victim of a loan modification scammers who ensured her that they could stop the foreclosure auction of her home. During this time, Bernetta continued to try to reach Wells Fargo to secure another modification. Wells Fargo foreclosed on her home and plans to evict her soon after March 2, 2013. She is a disable senior and a retired San Francisco city employee.

As #1 in foreclosures in San Francisco, Wells Fargo is putting 32 families at risk of losing their homes due to foreclosure and related evictions. Wells Fargo is foreclosing on and evicting veterans and disabled and senior homeowners and families with children, as well as targeting homeowners with life-threatening illnesses. Wells Fargo has engaged in predatory, fraudulent, and racist lending practices and has contributed to a rash of foreclosure deaths.

Links: Stop the Foreclosures and Evictions of the “Wells 32”    Bernetta Testifying at San Francisco Employee Retirement System Meeting (fourth video)

For more info and updates: or call Occupy Bernal at 415-483-9138.

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