Occupy Wells Fargo Branch in Excelsior Neighborhood of San Francisco

Foreclosure and Eviction Fighters and supporters from the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), Occupy Bernal, Occupy Noe, and other groups took over the Wells Fargo bank branch in San Francisco’s Excelsior neighborhood on February 23, 2013, to demand that Wells Fargo provide fair loan modifications to San Francisco homeowners facing foreclosures and to rescind foreclosure and evictions of homeowners and renters affected by Wells Fargo’s illegal, discriminatory, and predatory mortgage loan practices.

Thanks to Peter Menchini for the video below:

As #1 in foreclosures in San Francisco, Wells Fargo is putting 32 families at risk of losing their homes due to foreclosure and related evictions. Wells Fargo is foreclosing on and evicting veterans and disabled and senior homeowners and families with children, as well as targeting homeowners with life-threatening illnesses. Wells Fargo has engaged in predatory, fraudulent, and racist lending practices and has contributed to a rash of foreclosure deaths.

Links: Stop the Foreclosures and Evictions of the “Wells 32”

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