Occupy DMG Assets Action to Save Faulks Family Home

Foreclosure and Evictions Fighters and their supporters from Occupy Noe, Occupy Bernal, and the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) gathered at the home of DMG Assets Principal Angela Woo Lee at 370 San Benito Way, St Francis Wood
Neighborhood, San Francisco, yesterday to ask her to stop the eviction of the Faulks family. Protestors took their message to the neighbors, many of whom said they would respond to the action alert on this case by calling and emailing DMG Assets.

Larry Faulks and his brother — both disabled — as well as their renter want to stay in the home their parents purchased in 1962. Wells Fargo sold their house at foreclosure auction without their knowledge. They have the funds to make payments on a fair deal loan modification. DMG plans to evict them on Wednesday, October 10.

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