ALERT: Demand DMG Assets Stop Eviction of Faulks Family

Update as of October 8, 2012: DMG Assets has agreed to postpone the eviction of the Faulks family for two weeks to try to reach a mutually acceptable settlement, so we have postponed the protest at the DMG office tomorrow, as well as the calls and emails from the action alert.

Update as of October 2, 2012: Mary Ann Serrano and her disabled daughter and DMG Assets “have reached a mutually agreeable solution”. However, the Faulks family wants to stop the eviction and remain in their home, so please come to protest actions and respond to the action alert below.

Investment firm DMG Asset Management is threatening a San Francisco family with eviction even though disabled family members can’t find housing elsewhere.

Larry Faulks and his brother — both disabled — as well as their renter want to stay in the home their parents purchased in 1962. DMG plans to evict them on Wednesday, October 10.

Please take action to help the Faulks family:

When: 4:00pm=6:00pm on Tuesday, October 9
Where: Home of DMG Principal Daniel Woo, 566-568 16th Avenue, between Anza and Balboa Streets, San Francisco

2) Call DMG management, their real estate agent, and their attorney with the following message:

* Daniel Woo, 415-298-7298 or 415-706-6170

* Angela Woo Lee, 415-420-8881

* Gilbert Chung, 916-947-8625

* Marcus Lee, +1 415-999-2022 (real estate agent)

* Jak Marquez, 415-495-8500 x12 (attorney)

Sample message:

Please stop the eviction of Larry Faulks and his brother — both disabled — as well as their renter. The Faulks family has lived in the family home at 25 Cameo Way in San Francisco for 50 years. Wells Fargo promised in writing not to foreclose on the Faulks during the modification process, but instead sold the property to you. Please sell the property back to Wells Fargo at the price you paid, so that Wells Fargo can offer the Faulks family a loan modification to remain in their home.

Please don’t put disabled people or seniors out onto the streets.

3) Please mark your calendar for a possible eviction defense at 7:00am on Wednesday, October 10.

For updates and this action alert:

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