ACTION: Witness Faulks Eviction — Protest Wells Fargo and DMG!

Update as of about 7am on December 13, 2012: DMG Asset Management attorney Jak Marquez and Sheriff’s deputies evicted Larry Faulks. He’s now on the road, sleeping in his van.

IMG_1839_1Update as of 7:30pm on December 12, 2012: Greeted by a rainbow and a light rain shower, a group of about 30 supporters of Larry Faulks came to his home to bear witness the eviction, including holding up signs and banners, lots of friendly discussion, wonderful hot cappuccinos and tea from Larry’s brother, and a carol rendered as “Silent Night, Homeless Night” thanks to Tommi Avicolli-Mecca. We also made calls to DMG Asset Management principals and Wells Fargo Senior Vice President of Community Relations Brenda Wright to try to get them to stop the eviction. When the eviction hadn’t materialized by 11:30am or so, so a group of us took Larry out to lunch, then he requested that we head on our way while he went back to take a nap.

Media coverage: Bay Area Reporter

Video and photos of the event appear below. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Foreclosure and Eviction Fighter Larry Faulks’ eviction has been delayed for the last time.

What: Larry Faulks Eviction Witness

When: 8am (check back for updates) on Wednesday, December 12

Where: 25 Cameo Way, Diamond Heights, San Francisco (map, buses 52, 48, 37, plan for tricky routes!)

Stay tuned for the gathering time which we will post on the web page at

Investment firm DMG Asset Management plans to evict disabled African-American senior Larry Faulks even after they agreed to postpone the eviction to work with him and his family on negotiations with Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo has not yet agreed to rescind the foreclosure sale of Larry’s home, which they did while negotiating a loan modification with him. This practice is called dual tracking and it will be illegal in California starting January 1, 2013, under the 2012 Homeowner Bill of Rights.

Please take action:

  1. Come to the Eviction Witness on Wednesday, December 12. Time is tentatively scheduled for 8:00am (will post updates to this page).
  2. Respond to the Wells Fargo action alert to try to stop the eviction.
  3. Respond to the DMG Asset Management action alert to try to stop the eviction.

Larry Faulks and his brother — both disabled — as well as their renter want to stay in the home their parents purchased in 1962. The Faulks’ were the first African-American family in the Diamond Heights neighborhood and at a time when only the Eichler company was willing to sell homes to black families. Please come to the Eviction Witness (there may be an opportunity for those who wish to participate in nonviolent direct action to block the eviction).

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