PNC Bank Protest — Help Yin Wong Stay in Her Home!

IMG_2779_1On March 15, 2013, few dozen protestors from the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, Occupy Bernal, Occupy Noe and other organizations protested PNC Bank’s seventh attempt to evict disabled senior Yin Wong from her San Francisco Bayview home even though she made all her payments on time. The Foreclosure and Eviction Fighters and their supporters shut down the entrances to the PNC Bank branch on the 28th floor of 575 Market Street, as well as access to the rest of the building except through a loading dock on the rear side of the building. The group demanded that PNC Bank cancel the eviction and sell Yin Wong her home.

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Wells Fargo Typo Victim Dies in Court

The LA Weekly reports:

“On the morning of Dec. 19, 2012, in a Torrance courtroom, Larry Delassus’ heart stopped as he watched his attorney argue his negligence and discrimination case against banking behemoth Wells Fargo.

“His death came more than two years after Wells Fargo mistakenly mixed up his Hermosa Beach address with that of a neighbor in the same condo complex. The bank’s typo led Wells Fargo to demand that Delassus pay $13,361.90 ­— two years of late property taxes the bank said it had paid on his behalf in order to keep his Wells Fargo mortgage afloat.”

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Scam Alert: Attorneys, Judges, Refinancing Consultants, and Real Estate Professionals Preying on Homeowners or Renters

The following attorneys specialize in foreclosing on and evicting people from their San Francisco homes:

Mug Shot Attorney Comments
1394b16 Daniel Bornstein
  • Founding Partner of the Law Offices of Bornstein & Bornstein, 507 Polk Street, Suite 410, San Francisco, CA 94102, Tel: +1 415-409-7611, Fax: +1 415-409-9345, Email
  • Attorney for Wells Fargo and many other foreclosures and evictions.
Jak Marquez
  • Partner at Dowling & Marquez, LLP, 703 Market St Ste 1610, San Francisco, CA 94103, Tel: 415-495-8500 x12, Fax: 415-495-8590
  • Attorney for DMG Asset Management foreclosures and evictions.
  • Registered agent for 260 Lee Avenue, LLC.

The following judges specialize in evicting people from their San Francisco homes:

Mug Shot Judge Comments
quidechay Ronald Evans Quidechay
  • Judge Quidechay presides over and orders most evictions, that is “unlawful detainers”, in the City and County of San Francisco. He has refused to meet with Occupy to discuss how to reduce the number of evictions under his jurisdiction and has not taken any actions that we know of to try to reduce them. Despite his youthful activism in the 1968 riots at San Francisco State University and his work in the 1970s at the San Francisco Neighborhood Legal Assistance Foundation, he seems to have lost any interest in helping people to remain in their homes.

The following attorneys, mortgage refinancing consultants, and real estate professionals are scamming, overcharging, or manipulating homeowners or renters.

  • Coming soon…

If you know of anyone who should be listed here and can document your case, please contact us at

Foreclosure and Eviction Fighter Profile: Bernetta Adolph

Bernetta Adolph is a 66-year-old cancer survivor who recently recovered from two eye operations that brought her back from blindness. She had a mortgage with Wells Fargo, then got scammed by a guy who’s now in jail. She had hoped for a lower mortgage payment on her fixed annuity and Social Security. Instead, Wells Fargo refused her a loan modification after the scammer left her high and dry. Then, Wells sold her home at a foreclosure auction. Bernetta want to stay in her home, for which she can afford to pay an affordable loan modification once Wells Fargo rescinds the sale of her home and offers her a fair deal.

Video of Bernetta Adolph speaking at December 6, 2012, Occupy Our Homes at Wells Fargo Bayview bank branch: