ALERT: Fannie Mae Stop the Evictions of African-American Senior Betty Davis and Disabled Senior Veteran Alfred Richardson

Fannie Mae is evicting African-American seniors like 70-year-old Betty Davis and 75-year-old disabled veteran Alfred Richardson.

Please take action to stop these immoral evictions–

Call and email Fannie Mae with the following message:

  • Timothy Mayopoulos, CEO, +1 202-752-7144
  • Kristy Williams Fercho, Senior VP Customer Management Western Region, +1 626-396-5100 (ask for Kristy’s voicemail)

Sample message:

Subject: Stop Evicting African-American Seniors Betty Davis (loan #187240982) and Alfred Richardson (loan #19167165)

Please stop immediately the immoral evictions of African-American seniors Betty Davis (loan #187240982) and Alfred Richardson (loan #19167165) and rescind the foreclosure sales of their homes at 442 Harkness Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94134, sold on December 20, 2011, and 139 Maddux Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94124, sold on September 11, 2012, respectively, so that Bank of America can offer them fair loan modifications.


(your name)

Fannie Mae CEO Timothy Mayopoulos ready to evict African-American senior Korean War veteran Alfred Richardson.

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For updates on this alert:

This alert brought to you by the Stop the Auctions and Evictions Campaign and the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE)

Occupy Fanny Mae to Stop Evictions of Betty Davis and Alfred Richardson

On November 2, 2012, Foreclosure and Eviction Fighters from the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), Occupy Bernal, and the Occupy the Auctions and Evictions Campaign, visited the office of Fannie Mae in San Francisco to demand the halt of the evictions of African-American senior Betty Davis and African-American, senior, disabled veteran Alfred Richardson.

The protestors made it to the front door of the 30th floor office of Fannie Mae at 50 California Street in San Francisco, but unfortunately no one answered the door when they rang and knocked. So, Betty Davis slid her statement and demands under the door and the participants tacked posters to the walls surrounding the Fannie Mae and other 30th floor offices, as well as the bathroom and elevators.

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Occupy Senior and Veteran Evictions and Foreclosures in San Francisco (Occupy Anniversary)

Elderly Foreclosure and Evictions Fighters from the San Francisco Bay Area held a press conference at 12:00 noon on Monday, September 17, at the San Francisco War Memorial Building at 401 Van Ness Avenue. MC Archbishop Franzo King, of the St. John Coltrane Church, kicked off the event by describing and analyzing his own foreclosure situation with Wells Fargo bank and the plight of seniors, veterans, and disabled folks preyed upon by the banks.

92-year-old disabled Navy veteran Robert Moses spoke about the multiple attempts he made to obtain a fair deal loan modification from loan servicer Homeward Residential (formerly American Home Mortgage) and from loan owner Deutsche Bank for his Visitacion Valley home where he has lived since 1972.

Don and Tina Baird spoke about their struggle to hold on to the home in Redwood City they purchased in 1966. Don served in the US Coast Guard in the Pacific, and will turn 90 this month. They face a foreclosure auction scheduled for September 24. He has heart surgery on September 27.

Benjamin Reed, Jr., spoke on his father’s behalf about a similar struggle with the bank. Benjamin Reed, Sr., was a Tuskegee Air Man. He and his wife Irma have lived Twin Peaks for 27 years.

Finally, senior Alfred Richardson talked about the bank’s auction of his home at the War Memorial Building last Tuesday.

After some rousing speeches from Archbishop King and Grace Martinez of ACCE, the press took individual interviews and much of the crowd marched over to the nearby JP Morgan Chase bank branch at 500 Van Ness Ave.

Oakland and San Francisco Foreclosure and Eviction Fighters Stand Up to Slumlord Fannie Mae

On Thursday, September 13, 2012, Foreclosure and Eviction Fighters — both tenants and homeowners — and supporters from the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) and Occupy Bernal stood up to Fannie Mae, their slumlord bank, by visiting Fannie Mae’s offices at 50 California Street in San Francisco, California.

Carlos Martinez and his neighbors are fighting to hold Fannie Mae, which owns their home, accountable for deplorable and inhumane conditions at one of their properties in East Oakland. The sinks in their homes flow into buckets that they have to empty themselves! Despite the despicable living conditions, the mortgage giant slumlord is unjustly demanding the tenants pay nearly double in rent.

Betty Davis and Alfred Richardson are homeowners demanding the right to a fair deal loan modification to remain in their San Francisco homes.

Fannie Mae must treat tenants, homeowners, and communities fairly and be held accountable for their actions! We left bottles of waste water from the building they own to show them what their tenants have have to deal with.

Foreclosure and Eviction Fighter Profile: Betty Davis

Betty Davis is an 70-year-old resident of San Francisco’s Portola neighborhood with a mortgage owned by Fannie Mae, but previously serviced by Bank of America (Countrywide).

A Bank of America representative forced her to take out loan to make repairs on her house. Then, the lender foreclosed on and auctioned off her home on December 20, 2011. Now, Fannie Mae plans to evict her from her home.

Bank of America Dual Tracks, Evicts Mom While She’s Visiting Son in Military Hospital

Lilly Washington of Phoenix, Arizona, is suing Bank of America and Fannie Mae for foreclosing on and evicting her during a trial loan modification after they wrote her that they “will await your return so that we can finish the loan modification process” before she left to visit her son at a military hospital in Germany.

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